The Election Committee's proposal

March  26, 2012

The Election Committee's proposal to the 2012 Annual Meeting of shareholders in G & L Beijer AB.

In accordance with the principles decided at the 2011 Annual Meeting of shareholders, the Chairman of the Board of Directors contacted the largest shareholders during the autumn of 2011 to form an Election Committee which will prepare business ahead of the 2012 Annual Meeting of shareholders.

The Election Committee was given the following composition:

· Peter Jessen Jürgensen (Chairman of G&L Beijer)

· Philippe Delpech (Carrier)

· Peter Rönström (Lannebo Fonder)

· Per Trygg (SEB)

Peter Rönström was elected as Chairman of the Election Committee.

The Members of the Election Committee together represent 56.8 per cent of votes in G&L Beijer.

The Election Committee's proposal for Board of Directors

The Election Committee proposes that:

- the Board of Directors shall consist of seven Members with no Deputy Members.

- Peter Jessen Jürgensen, Anne-Marie Pålsson, Joen Magnusson, Bernt Ingman, Philippe Delpech, William Striebe and Harald Link are re-elected.

Peter Jessen Jürgensen is re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.